What are we all about here. Simple really its all about video clips from the world of martial arts and boxing. Plus news section and a question & answer tab. Also we have timers for all types of sports from triple timers to round timers with interval breaks. All content is available on website and apps Note some items may be best viewed on our app

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So what happens here. We gather the best of the best in martial arts & boxing video clips. Than we put them them into order and publish them here. Why here, (good question) because a lot of out clips are to extreme for standard social media. Example: A street fight showing a person using martial arts to defend themselves. A video clip like this can get a channel banned from standard social media. 

BUT we do have our limits too. So you will NOT find hardcore blood & Guts or porn here (you will see some mild nudity but nothing hardcore.) You will NOT see people getting killed here or any of that weird stuff here. Plus under each video has a flag button. If you see something that you think should not be here click it and let us know.

We are a Martial Art & Boxing Website, displaying only content that has martial arts or boxing in the video clip. So if you enjoy browsing and watching all things martial arts & boxing you are in the right place.

All Members are allowed to submit a video. The video can be hosted on your own website. If video is approved to be published. It will be embedded into our video player and put into its proper category for viewing by all members. Your video will still be linked to your website which will increase your rankings with google. Or if it is a social media channel that you submit the video from, we will link it to that. Which will also increase your social media ranking.

www.TotalCombatSport.net is a membership only site by signing up, you agree that you are over 18 and will abide by our rules and regulations. ( we don’t have many rules but you know what we mean)

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