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The wing chun kung fu knee stomp. This move is one of the fastest self defense move you could know. But if you are not prepared to put some good power behind it you are only wasting your time.

The danger with this move is when a person kicks or stomps to lightly. Than it will have little effect on your attacker.

If its the case you are a trained fighter than that’s a whole different story. As some fighter use the side kick to the knee like a boxer would use a jab. So if that’s the case just make sure you have a few follow up moves.

BUT for those of you that only to use this as a single strike self defense move. Go for the side kick to blow the knee joint side ways. It don’t matter what side. Just put plenty of power into it. Hit just above the knee. If yo hit with good power your attacker should go down and will not be able to follow you.

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