Advance Training Program

First up. What is this all about.

WARNING – This is NOT a training program where you just watch a bunch of videos and read some articles. If you are not prepared to get up and get out and get some adventure and new skills into your life. Just stop now as this training network is not for you.

This program is designed to help people survive pretty much any situation life can throw at you. From self defense to medical emergence to surviving a natural or man made disaster. How to cope as it happens and what to do, to survive the after effects.

The program is designed to give you the knowledge to deal with most problems which can occur plus hands on experience in real life situations. It is extreme and can be demanding and very dangerous.

Most people will be able to join the ML1 program this is the first level. BUT you will be not be able to advance on to Level two unless you pass our grading system.

NOTE: This is not just about reading & watching videos online – Its is very much hands on – So if you are not willing to get up of your backside and complete the program – You are only wasting your time and our time.

ML1 – A quick look at the training program

A basis knowledge will be needed in all of the above, before you can move onto ML2 There is no time limit on the ML1 level, you more forward when you are ready. Some people would already be trained in most or all of the above and can move on once they pass the grading.

Some people may think that a little bit of cheating at the online grading system is ok, Just so they can advance onto level two. This is not advised, as it will only put your own life in danger as you try to complete level two.

ML2 – Training Program – This level is more hands on and can be dangours if you do not aquire the knowledge from level 1 This Training program is only reveled to you once you have completed level two.

ML3 – Training Program – Level three is even more extreme but once you have passed level one and two than the knowledge and training from these first two levels you should be fine. This training program is only reveled once you have passed Level 1 & 2

Once your training is done. Think of it as not training but your application to join the MLB network.

MLB & Private network -The MLB this is the top level (Member Lever Black belt) Once you have passed all three levels you will be awarded the MLB and also gain access to the MLB network. This network is made up of MLB members only and are spread around the world. What they do and how they operate is a private network. Each member is only know to each other by their MLB grading number unless they choose to make more contact themselves. The MLB network is set up for members to help each other if needed, in different situations. The network is private and non-members will never know the full workings of the system. But as you travel up through the levels you will get glimpses of how this MLB network would benefit you greatly.

If you think you have what it takes to become an MLB why not start your journey today. You have nothing to lose but lots to gain.

Before you start Who Should apply and Who should not.

If you have self defense training with an average level of fitness and want to take your training to the next level so you can handle most real world situations. Than maybe this is the network for you.


Anyone can join the ML1 level but to get to level 2 is a whole new ball game


Remember the top level MLB network is only for qualified members only. You will not get access to this network or any of the activity’s until you reach that level. You will get glimpses of what its all about as you travel up the levels.

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