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NOTE: If all you want is to gain access to the videos. You will still need to join at ML1. But you do not need to do the training program or the grading, this is optional.

Training Levels

ML = Member level

NOTE : You cannot skip or get double levels. All levels must be completed.

ML1 – Everybody must start at this level no matter what you skill level is.

ML2 – Before you can enter this level you will be graded on all knowledge & Fitness from ML1 as you will need this to survive the ML2 level.

ML3 – To gain access to this level. You will have to complete all of ML2 extreme program.

Once your training is done. Think of it, as not training but your application to join the MLB network

MLB – This is Member Level Black belt. Once you have completed ML3 you are awarded the MLB once you have this, you have it for life. As you will learn this is no easy achievement. But once you are a member you will also gain access to the MLB network.

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