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All products are for the world of Martial Arts & Boxing and ship worldwide through amazon. Each product has been tried and tested by us and we can guarantee 100% satisfaction. As before we list any products here. They have been tested by a least one member of staff and get the TCS approval.

Kids Boxing Freestanding Reflex Bag, For Kids Ages 6-16 – Reflex Punching Bag with Stand and Pump + 2 Reflex Balls for Agility, Hand-Eye Coordination, and Stamina – Free Standing Boxing Bag

Punch Force Tester- Meaure the power in your punch or kick

Break Boards -Rebreakable Boards For self defense Training - Train your strikes for max impact without doing damage to yourself.

Speed Bag Platform Kit with Speed Bag with adjustable heights

unfilled Punching Bags for Boxing MMA Training Muay Thai MMA Kickboxing Martial Arts

Attachment: Wing Chun Dummy Trainer

Revgear All Strike 2 Punching Target |Simulates The Human Head | Rugged and Safe Training Target, Use with or Without Gloves

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